Project event


LIFE – 20th Anniversary: Open Day to approach LIFE research to the society

Last Monday 21st May CETaqua was pleased to organize this event in order to show the importance and benefits that LIFE programme has reported to the research world and to the environment. The specific objectives of the meeting were:

1)      To show the benefits that LIFE programme has brought to research in Cetaqua and to the implementation of environmental policies

2)      To disseminate the results of LIFE funded research projects to the different stakeholders and demonstrate their benefits for the society and the environment.

3)      To show how the innovative research is carried out through visits to the pilot plants related to the LIFE projects.


LIFE programme has been recognized as a good opportunity in order to promote and incentive quality research and development projects. The 7th projects that CETaqua coordinates are listed below:

WATER CHANGE (2009-2012); BIOCELL (2009-2012); ENSAT (2009-2012); GREENLYSIS (2010-2012); UFTEC (2010-2013); AQUATIK (2011-2015); AQUAENVEC (2011-2014)