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Installation of the Batteries and the Sunny Islands

The batteries will store the necessary energy for 8 hours that is the time the pilot plant will operate daily. The batteries are nickel-cadmium and are installed in banks with 190 elements SUNICA 230 in total. The configuration of the batteris consists of 5 rows connected in parallel. Each row has 38 elements and as a result the voltage of the system will be 48V with a capacity of 1150 Ah. So if the discharge is 100 % the energy provided will be 55.200 W that is almost the daily consumption of the pilot plant (56.000 W).

The batteries are connected to 6 Sunny Island elements that have two main functions:

  1. Charge the batteries from renewable energies transforming AC to DC
  2. Supply power to the devices of the pilot plant from batteries transforming DC to AC